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CoolTone™ Columbus, Ohio

CoolTone Columbus Ohio

Simplified Muscle Contouring — Without The Surgery

CoolTone is an increasingly popular body contouring innovation that is designed to target muscles under the fat. This non-invasive procedure is especially popular among men and women who are looking for a more toned physique, either after a weight loss journey or simply after not seeing desired results from diet and exercise alone. Our providers like to say that CoolTone is like doing 20,000 crunches without ever having to get on the ground!

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What Is CoolTone?

CoolTone is the latest innovation in the realm of noninvasive body contouring. From the creators of CoolSculpting (cryolipolysis), CoolTone is a revolutionary technology that strengthens, firms, and tones the areas of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Unlike its fat-freezing counterpart, CoolSculpting, there is no freezing component to CoolTone. Instead, it uses electromagnetic signals to strengthen underlying muscle fibers and boost their definition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike surgical fat reduction procedures like liposuction, CoolTone is completely noninvasive. CoolTone works by sending a magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) up to 7 cm through the skin’s subcutaneous skin and fat layers in order to reach the muscle underneath. This stimulation targets only the muscular layer, inducing involuntary muscle contractions. The body’s response to these contractions is to strengthen muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle conditioning.

The CoolTone device offers 50% more magnetic intensity than its competitors, giving it an edge that no body sculpting device has seen before.

Patients who are looking for better muscle definition may choose CoolTone, while those looking for fat reduction may choose CoolSculpting. However, there is a major benefit to using the two treatment systems together!

CoolSculpting and CoolTone are two sides of the same coin; they work in tandem to help transform your physique. Generally, fat is treated first, then muscle. CoolSculpting patients are usually ideal candidates for CoolTone because they’ve already seen a reduction in their fat layer, meaning that the CoolTone device can penetrate deeper into the muscular tissue beneath. People who are close to their fitness goals are also ideal candidates for CoolTone.

The most popular areas for CoolTone are the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs — these areas respond very well to treatment. The effects of CoolTone on other areas of the body are currently being studied.

CoolTone generally works best with patients who are nearing their fitness goals. Unfortunately, not every person is a candidate for these treatments. Education is at our core, and we will work with you to determine if you are a good candidate for CoolTone, what kinds of results you can expect, or if there is a treatment option better suited to address your concerns.

There is no downtime for CoolTone. You may feel some soreness after the treatment that may last for a couple of days, but there is no limitation on patient activity during this recovery period. You can resume your normal activities—including work and exercise—immediately following the procedure.

Results can start to be seen as soon as three weeks following treatment. Patients return to the office for follow-up four to eight weeks later. This is how much time it takes for all of the muscle fibers to rebuild and the results to be fully seen. During this visit, you can decide whether to pursue another treatment or to simply move on and enjoy the result.

CoolTone is priced by the size of the treatment area and the number of treatments necessary to strengthen the muscles in that area, for which package pricing is available. The starting price is under $1,000, and package pricing is available. Significant savings are possible since anesthesia and operating rooms are not used for this treatment.

Our CoolTone specialist meets each patient for a complimentary CoolTone consultation so that you can discuss your needs as well as the results you are looking for. Afterward, our specialists can answer any questions you might have and recommend the treatment path they think will help you best achieve your goals.

Typically, treatment is scheduled several days after your initial CoolTone consultation. However, if the CoolTone device is not being used at the same time, it may be possible to provide the treatment immediately following your consultation.

For the typical CoolTone treatment, our provider will place the CoolTone applicator on the treatment area, then the device issues a subtle tapping on the skin during its “warm-up” phase. After two minutes of warm-up, the machine begins issuing contractions. The intensity can be dialed up or down depending on the desire of the patient. After 12 ½ minutes of contractions, there is another two-minute break with tapping to break up any lactic acid. There are then another 12 ½ minutes of contractions before a two-minute cooldown.

The treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Patients can relax during their treatment in our CoolTone suite, complete with a TV for your entertainment.

Most patients notice initial improvements in muscle tone and definition shortly after starting their CoolTone treatments. However, optimal results are typically seen a few weeks after completing a full treatment cycle. The cumulative effects of CoolTone can continue to improve over time as the treated muscles strengthen and tone.

To maintain, bolster and prolong results, we recommended following a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. Your provider can provide guidance on post-treatment care and maintenance strategies specific to your goals.

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CoolTone offers a non-invasive and effective solution for individuals seeking to sculpt and strengthen their muscles. With its advanced electromagnetic technology and customizable treatment plans, this nonsurgical treatment can help you achieve a more defined and athletic physique. We invite you to call us at 614-442-7610 to schedule your personal consultation with our CoolTone specialist today.

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